Introduction of the THAI by East European and german breeders – the wide and healthy genetic potential results in the recognition as a distinct breed by the World Cat Federation (WCF), Europe´s greatest umbrella organization. Other umbrella organizations and free associations will follow.


Thai cats come to Gera (Thuringia), their enthusiastic owners establish close and friendly contacts.


Foundation of “Runde der Thai-Katzenfreunde”, initiated and conducted by Carola Hopfe.
German Thai friends join together in order to establish the breeding of Thai and to make them more popular in Germany.


Breeders from other German regions and from abroad join the group; foundation of “International ThaicommUnion of Bavaria e. V.” (ITC),

conducted by Carola Hopfe.



The Thai is recognized by many umbrella organizations and free associations. The popularity of the breed rapidly increases in Europe. Breeders from G.U.S., Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands, Hungary, Ukraine, Denmark and other countries either join the ITC or become friendly breeders.
From now, the ITC shapes up as an international, independent organization named International Thai Cats (ITC), operating in Europe according to their own guidelines and breeding goals. Catteries specialize within the regional groups, forming cattery unions.


Breeders from Austria, Poland and the U.S.A. join the ITC.


ITC submits the application for recognition of the Thai to TICA, the American umbrella organization.


The cats bred in the ITC and registered with TICA help to reach the first step in the recognition procedure of TICA:
The Thai have reached Preliminary New Breed status.
Unfortunately, the interests of other groups have been considered to such an extent that the present working standard considerably falls behind our goals.
In spite of that, our high breeding standards are not to be violated:
Many years of breeding work resulted in a wide and healthy gene pool (Thai x Thai). Outcross with other breeds (Tonkanese, Burmese, Modern Style Siamese) is not necessary and, of cause, not permissible. The hard-won clear distinction between Thai and Siamese must not been put at stake.


First Official Presentation of THAI in Italy (Cernobbio) at FIFe – with some Cats of ITC members.

May 2014

The cats bred in the ITC, registered with FIFe, helped to reach the first step in the recognition procedure of FIFe: The Thai have reached Preliminary New Breed Status.


For the Thai starts the 5- year period of provisional recognition.

First Thai presentations of the ITC members to absolve the criteria for full recognition.

This are the next steps for the full recognition:

- Duration: minimum 1 year, maximum 5 years

- Breeding: 5 FIFe breeders in 3 different countries, total of 15 different litters

- Shows: 40 cats exhibited in classes 7 – 12, each at 3 different shows

- Shows: all cats entered according to their pedigree details...

- Shows: each cat judged by 3 different judges (countersigning is possible)

- Shows: all cats must have received the qualification “Excellent”

- Shows: organised in 3 different countries

- Pedigrees: all above mentioned cats bred / shown

- Registration: all cats owned or bred by FIFe breeders/exhibitors, 3 different countries

- Registration: all cats correctly registered in the Pedigree Book of FIFe Members, 3 different countries

- Breeding & Registration: preparation of restrictions and rules

The organization  of systematic Thai breeding starts in the Czech Republic by czech ITC Group.


At the  FIFe general assembly the Thai receives the full recognition of the breed. At the seminar for judges following the general assembly the Thai breed was introduced to the judges in detail. Of course the ITC participated in this event :)

Four years of hard work lie behind us. The ITC would like to thank all who have contributed to this success, including the following clubs and associations: Clube Português de Felinicultura – CPF *PT // Associazione Nazionale Felina Italiana – ANFI *IT // KKKV & ZO Wild Cats Litoměřice * CZ // Katzen- und Edelkatzenclub Bern KECB *CH // LUX-CAT-CLUB FFL *LUX.


New breeders from Serbia and Finnland have joined us and enrich the variety of our Thai breeding lines, which are registered with TICA and FIFe and our association.

International Thai Cats

We are an independent community of breeders and lovers of Thai cat at international level.