I think my story is similar to many others …!

I am a nature lover and have had all kinds of pets at home: dogs, birds, fish, hamster and for 13 years…..cats.

Ma adventure started with a pair of Chartreux cats and their daughter being joined by two little cats having been found in a garbage container and being rescued by the ENPA. (altogehter being five babies then)

In the yesr 2012 two oft he furry balls of my family suddenly left me and I decided it was the right time to get me a little cat ot the race I always was fascinated and frightened of as well: a Thai cat! Not the modern ones which are not after my fancy but the tradiotional Siamese I had seen so often during my schooldays. I was accustomed tot he dormancy and reservation oft he Chartreux, so I was a little anxious about the exuberance oft he Thai! After a long time of reflection I knocked at the door of Silvia and Elena to get one their jewels: Elettra (I decided to rename her Guilia)

I can confirm that there exists sometthin like love at first sight…..I decided on this „rascal“ because of her temper and got hooked on her as once. Bella (of course the prettiest of all) is strong-minded, cheerful, jolly, kittenish, always on my side, very intelligent and smart. Guilia settled in quickly and has filled my life and my house. In spite of some mishaps (I cannot remember on piece of pottery staying safe in my shelves, my beautiful orchids diminished dramatically, the books are being gnawed at, too) I felt the need to get her a cat companion with whom she also would be able to have patter of tiny feet. So came Bartholdy from Germany (renamed Ceasare)!!!

And what should I tell you….. he is the supplement to Guilia!

Beautiful, cute, funny, very devotad and not dominant to the other cats. On the quiet he suceeded in becoming the leader. Guilia and Cesare are two special cats giving me the feeling of being unique.





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