Breeding objectives 1996 – 2000

Diana of Magic Thai Goblin - Foundation for the breeding of the Cattery

Healthy animals are needed, so all animals were tested, descendants were observed and if they had genetic faults, they were selected.

We started our breeding with animals, which were breeding rarely affected. They were not perfect, but robust and did not have problems with the reproduction, the fertility, birth, rarely kitten death rate, no denture deformation, no heart faults, no PKD, FIV, FeLV, etc.

This precious starting basis had to be preserved.

You need many animals for the conservation of health status, we found these robust breed surprisingly in many countries like Ukraine, Bulgaria, Hungary, Italy, Russia, Equator, France, Germany, Spain, etc. Hence, we obtained a wide healthy potential, hybrid breeding was needed only in exceptional cases and this was only needed in the first generations.

All the new animals were and are this very day tested and after healthy harmlessness, they will be used for breeding. In this way, we obtained a wide basis of healthy Thai cats and with it breeding objects in solid broadness.

Breeding objectives 2000 – 2005

After there were sufficient healthy animals, it was important to fortify the characteristics of Thai. This requests a lot of time, patience and many combatants.

The objects of the upcoming pairing were:

  • Improvement in personality, animals were more balanced, scary animals were removed from breeding
  • Improvement of the eye color – the eyes had to reveal a clear blue
  • Improvement of the fur length, under wools was reduced, fur fitting

The standard of WCF changed to this time. To that effect, that under wools was not allowed anymore. We did not go along by this step. As the under wools is one of such an important feature for the animal, it should not be eliminated in the breeding due to sense of taste.

Quality of fur and under wools – they have the regulating and protective function for animals. Our cats live in many different areas of this world, in hot and cold areas, so they need this quality also for protecting against injuries during fights

Breeding objectives 2006 – 2010

creme point - World Champion MTG´s Habakuk

The type of Thai cat became smooth, more elegant, and more long-footed, with short fur

Pairing was effected purposeful on colors “lilac”, “chocolate”, “red/crème”

Length of tail was clearly improved.

Breeding objectives 2011 – 2015

Consistent with the previous achieved objects, by continuing preservation of health and character, consolidation of the elegant type and the short fur, there were the further following tasks:

  • Line of the nose and chin there was paid attention on pairing parents.
  • Point colors and contrast to body are going to be further forced.
  • Color “seal” has to be preserved.

Breeding objectives 2016 – 2020

Shape of eyes has to become more almond-shaped

Essentially our cats do have this shape of eyes, but this is not visible when they are stressed out. On exhibitions they show round eyes with big pupils, this is a niggle for the judges. Maybe the judges can give us some hints about how to avoid the agitation of the cats.

  • Point colors have to be stabilized.
  • Fur markings Tabby have to be forced with its varieties.
  • Breeding with new lines

During our next breeding cycle we will increase our focus on animal health. Ultrasound examinations of the heart and organs and PKD Tests should be obligatory, as well as genetic testing for possible inherited defects (PRA, GM MPS VI etc).
At the end of 2017 we were able to identify a laboratory, (Partnerlabor Certagen: (www.certagen.dewhich can offer the tests relevant to our breed.
The association “International Thai Cats” is available to answer questions, you might have in this regard.

Breeding is never finished ... we already have the next targets in the visor.

This is a short abstract of the 20 years old breeding work, which has been was brought together by 20 different kennels und their more than 540 litters in the last 20 years.

The International Thai Cats is though always the impetus. It is composed of breeder who campaign for the preservation of the breed Thai in a pure form, so THAI x THAI. Breeder of ITC are not hostile to other breeder who breed according the standard of WCF or LOOF. They always find a common ground, which brings a wonderful profit for all.

For us, the Thai is a lovable, precious and healthy breed, which is widespread, is on vogue and therefore deserves its recognition.

The association “International Thai Cats” supports the application for recognition and is at everybody’s disposal for questions.

International Thai Cats

We are an independent community of breeders and lovers of Thai cat at international level.