Of course, everyone wants to have a cat without defects or problems.  But even bred cats are not always perfect. We are going to explain typical mistakes of Siamese breed which do not influence the health of the Thai cat and we are also going to illustrate anomalies which occur with all cats and must be corrected surgically without any influence on lifetime of the cat after the correction. Finally, you will find a few words about parasites and vaccinations.

Congenital optical anomalies of the Siamese cat/ Thai cat

This includes colour defects like white toes or tail tips, strabismus as well as thickening of the caudal vertebra or even the well known “Siamese kinked tail”. 

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Congenital sanitary anomalies of cats

For this purpose, we gathered information about umbilical hernia, cryptorchidism, cleft palates and epilepsy.

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Mammary tumors and the disorder PICA are diseases outstandingly concerning Siamese cats / Thai cats. Here we offer some information and sources for further studies.

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Here we offer some information on vaccinations, on parasites and their treatment as well as on toxoplanmosis.

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Valuable information on vaccinations and links for further reading

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Congenital anomalies of cats

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