We ask ourselves often which second cat would fit as a companion with our Thai.

Therefore we would like to share our tips based on our longtime experiences.

Thai cats, just like their Siamese counterparts, are very social animals and love the company of members of their breed.

If you would like to add another cat you should consider the following: 

One point is the age of the first cat. Between kitten or young cats the socialization with cats of the same or similar age is non problematic. The acceptance can be immediate, but normally it takes 3 to 5 days. You have to be patient, especially when the first encounter does not go well immediately.

When buying a second cat for an older cat it should not be a single kitten. A playful kitten may soon upset the senior. Here we recommend to buy two kitten, who are having fun with each other and then the senior can decide if she wants to join in.

The temperament of the animals should also harmonize. Based on our experience, Thai cats do not harmonize well with Persian cats and British Shorthair. The characters are too different. When it comes to Birma we have had positive and negative feedback. It depends highly on the individual animal.

We have had very good experiences with Thai cats and Siamese, Burmese, Russian Blue, Main Coon and also Bengal cats. Also the Thai can live in harmony with the Chartreux cat, if they meet as Kitten.  We also think that Abyssinians, Sphinx and other oriental breeds would fit well with Thai cats.

The compatibility between a house cat and a Thai depends on the character of the house cats and can be very different from cat to cat. As a rule a Thai cat is tolerated, every once in a while also cuddled, but not as lovingly as between Siamese and other oriental breeds.

In addition some dog breeds get along well with Thai cats. In our experience mainly with females.


(c) Annett Huck

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