"ROYAL SYMPHONY" -  the first Thai cats cattery in Ukraine, registered in the WCF in 2009. Cattery unites several people from two cities - Dnipro and Sumy. Our names - Natalia Musiets, Sergei Beloborodko and founder of the cattery - Eugene Uder.  

Now all we own 10 Thai cats, and 7 of them are in breeding. At each home our Thais live as cherished family members, in big love and profeccional care. The same carefully we select new homes for our thai kids.

We follow WCF thai standard,  and breed cats with good health and balanced type.

 In Royal Symphony we have thai of three basic colors - seal point, seal-tabby point and blue point, our cats combine bloods of the famous catteries from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Germany.

Our cats and columnus who lives in different cities and countries win almost every show and we proud of it and send our thanks to all breeders who gave us theirs beauty thai.

 Since we met our first thai cats they became our forever love. They led us to the cat shows, taught us in many meanings and gave us incomparable pleasure of communicating with Thai, laughing little deity.

The Breeder

The kennel “Royal Symphony"  is a Cattery- Union, that means, that several breeders with small groups of cats breed a race with the same kennel name.





Cattery  “Royal Symphony”

Leader: Natalia Musiets

Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

Tel.:  +38 067 5602911
E-Mail: talar [at]

Web: Royal Symphony

Facebook: Nathalie Musiets

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