The characteristics of these wonderful Thai cats: cozy, unhurried with a sunny temperament. They can be attached like little kids, bold, cheeky and charming and at the same time extremely nice with their own kind or with their owners. The Thai cat is very intelligent, can be stubborn and incredibly talkative. They win their owner's heart with their irresistible charm and loud purring. They never get tired to be with their people and be engaged with them, and are much more than just lap cats.

If one makes the effort of investigating all the attributes of these Thai cats from cat books by different authors, articles and poems one will find that not only cat like attributes such as tenderness, independence, individualism, playfulness, curiosity, cunning, perseverance, patience and caution are ascribed to this breed, but also a lot of peculiarities and aptitude which suggests that the Thai/Siamese cat is indeed viewed today and in the past as a very special breed, very different to other cats.

Due to their lively character with an openness to learn, they can be trained and taught new tricks. They actually invite the owner to teach them. Thai cats love to retrieve balls made of hair, whisks, paper balls, play mice etc. Everything will be brought back to the owner. They can walk on a leash, just like a dog, and if bribed with some delicious snacks they can also do some tricks. It is said of all cat breeds the Thai cat resembles the dog the most, most likely because of their direct attachment to people and because they enjoy attention.


Indeed this is something one cannot find with other cat breeds. Only a Thai/Siamese cat focuses her eyes long and directly on the person she talks to. These personal looks with their bright blue eyes are part of the mystery and fascination about this cat. It is not without reason that it is said, that once you have owned a Thai cat it is hard to switch to another breed!

Thai cats are very curious and not only during play time. If the door bell rings, they will be there first to see who the visitor is. If one needs to move, reorganize the house or just sort through stuff, this is the ideal playground for Thai cats. There is so much to explore and to test out!


The Thai cat loves to travel in the car, if one gets them used to it early on. Also visits to the veterinarian are not problem. Just like a dog, the Thai cats are connected to their family. They prefer going on family vacation (or with "mom" to the office) and get quickly used to the new environment, instead of being home alone in the empty house for a couple of weeks. They need being close to people: they love being together with their family!


Thai cats love company even of the same species. They hold tight contact to other cats and it is a pleasure to watch them play, clean each other and being foolish. Ideally 2 to 3 cats should be in one household or group. Is there anything better than to have happily playing and cuddling cats at home?


Due to their close contact with people it is also no problem to get them acquainted with dogs. Of course both have to first sniff each other but the ice will melt quickly. Many Thai cats cuddle with the "other kind", lick and clean them and can even join the dog walks.

Thai cats are very fond of children and are great playmates and long-term friends for your kids.  Women have have been observed having their babies in the same stroller as their Thai cats on walk.


Thai cats understand how to get attention. If they think, that they do not get enough attention, they come up with incredible methods and ideas to become the center of attention again. Thai cats are known to be very creative...

A second cat relieves the care provider, in case there is too much attention seeking, and this can be achieved with minimal additional work. The single cat then has an equal partner. Is there anything better than to have happily playing and cuddling cats in the home?

It is possible to keep a Thai cat alone. In this case, the principal person in her life should not leave the house to go to work all day. Otherwise the cat is bored and will find her own entertainment or simply is unhappy and lonely. Thai cats that are living alone need a lot of attention from their family members. Their person then will be their family, entertainer, petting machine and always needs  availability for this attention seeking cat.


If you are contemplating to adopt a Thai cat, you need to be consistent in the education, just like raising a dog. She is very clever at getting the person under her spell with big blue eyes and if one is not careful, they will manipulate owners to do what her majesty wants. But in reality the Thai cats with their wonderful blue eyes are a very easy to deal with breed, perfect for new cat owners.

The voice of the Thai/Siamese cat:

If you decide to adopt a Thai/Siamese cat you will change the acoustics in your home, because the breadth of vocal sounds is than other cats. From now on there will be someone in the house who does not permanently, but passionately talk, ask, plead, tell stories, communicate, grumble, squawk, purr, sing and trumpet. This includes the growling if an unwelcomed person comes into the house. Thai cats can be very protective of their homes and people.

The person who wants to adopt such a cat has to love all of the above. Not just the bright blue eyes, the elegance, the intelligence and the mysterious face, but also the voice.

Don't forget that Thai cats are very playful until their old age and will request this daily interaction, as members of the family.




for some extracts from the text: Siamkatzen von Dr. Heinz Schmoll

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